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Experiencing anti-social behaviour? We’re here to help

We’re committed to dealing with anti-social behaviour in the communities we serve and will take enforcement action when necessary.

In a recent case, evidence gathered using the Noise app has helped us evict a nuisance neighbour in Skegness.

Loud music, late night DIY and vacuuming early in the morning and late at night were just some of the noise disturbances reported to us by a customer at Swallowfields Court.

After our customer collected recordings of the anti-social behaviour from their neighbour by using the Noise app, we were able to present a case at court and secure an eviction.

Almost 400 recordings were captured in a two-year period.

Adam Eden, Legal Enforcement Team Leader, said: “The complainant was unable to enjoy peace in his own property and his sleep was disturbed by these unpredictable incidents.

“They were even impacting his mental health.

“Thanks to the Noise app, it was relatively easy for him to gather evidence of noise issues by making recordings.

“Without these, it would’ve been difficult to be able to evidence the noise nuisance our customer was experiencing and the frequency of the incidents.

“It would also have been one person’s word against another, so the use of the Noise app has been critical in helping us secure the eviction.”

The Noise app is free to download o n a smartphone or tablet and allows our customers to record any noise disturbances from within their own property before sending it directly to us.

We've had good results so far. In the last year, we’ve received more than 9,000 recordings from our customers, including 2,208 recordings of music, 1,935 incidents of loud voices and 952 recordings of animals.

To download the app, search The Noise App in your app store on your smartphone or tablet.

If possible, customers should have an open anti-social behaviour case with us before using the app.

To report anti-social behaviour and log a case with us, click here.

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