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Your questions answered...

Welcome to our brand new ‘Your Questions Answered’ feature. In every edition, our customer services experts Leanne Whalley and Ian Smith will get to the bottom of your questions and enquiries.

We’ve had people knocking on the door claiming to be doing boiler assessments and surveys. How do I know they’re are genuine and are working on behalf of Longhurst Group?

From Jane in Nottingham.

Thanks for getting in touch Jane. As we all know, many scammers will pose as officials from organisations such as water companies, local councils or contractors. All Longhurst Group colleagues, as well as those from our contractors Wates and Mears, should be wearing lanyards with their name and photograph on to help you identify them. If they’re not wearing these, then you shouldn’t allow them access to your property. If you’re not sure whether they are genuine, we’d ask you to call us to check whether they’re genuine callers or whether they’re potentially scammers.

We’re always happy to take your calls to verify somebody’s identity and would rather do this than hear at a later date that you’ve been a victim of a scam. Remember, ask for ID if you get a knock at the door from somebody you’re not expecting before you let them in.

Why do gas safety checks have to take place every year and why do I have to agree to them? What would happen if I refuse access?

From Sarah in Northamptonshire.

Hi Sarah. We’re required, under Regulation (36)(2) of the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 to ensure that all landlords’ gas and heating appliances are checked every year. We currently start the process 60 days before the anniversary date and under the terms of tenancy agreements, you’ve a legal obligation to allow access to your home for this check.

A gas safety check is designed to check a number of features of appliances. These include making sure the appliance is operating at the correct pressure, that there’s an adequate air supply and that the appliance is burning gas correctly, making sure flues and chimneys are clear to enable the appliance to emit gases and fumes safely to the outside and that all safety devices are working correctly.

Failure to have your gas appliances inspected regularly may lead to harmful gases such as carbon monoxide escaping into your home. It’s important you allow access to the property for these checks as it helps to keep you and your family safe.

Please be aware that failure to provide access through the agreed appointment process will result in us having to take action against you, in order to gain access to your home. If this is necessary, you will be charged for costs.


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