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A day with our Scheme Manager, Beverley

Beverley Griffiths (or Bea for short!) is our Scheme Manager at Castle Court in Thrapston. She chats to us about her role at the over 55’s scheme.


I wake up and do some morning chores. I don’t have any particular morning rituals, but I’m hoping to incorporate a walk into my routine to kickstart my day. I enjoy looking at the architecture of the town or the peace of the countryside and I’m out rain or shine.


I finish my bowl of porridge and dash out the door. Work is only 10 minutes down the A14 but I leave early because of rush hour. We’ve had some flooding lately so that can be an interesting drive.


I arrive at the scheme and log in to the work system. On my way in I usually have a small gathering of residents waiting to say hello or raising concerns they’ve got, so I’ll arrange a time to see them later that day.


It’s time to undertake some daily checks. These can be things like walking around the building to check fire doors and other internal checks. Next, I’ll log in to the computer; health and safety is paramount, so I’ll take that into account before checking my emails!

Scheme Manager undertakes her daily check of the pull chord


This is usually a social time. The buzz of the scheme can be felt late in the morning as I host get-togethers with our wonderful bunch of residents. I’ve been working towards regular meetings with them, and through this we’ve introduced a monthly coffee morning, brunch club and an art and culture club. Recently, we had a coffee whilst having a go at dress-making.

These meet ups give the community an opportunity to socialise, see friends and have a hot drink, and I time this to work well with their routines. It falls after commitments such as doctor visits and those who wake up late or prefer to do the laundry in the morning like it too.


After everyone is settled and the morning's event is winding down, it’s a good opportunity for me to check the kitchen fridge and pop to the shop to buy the communal milk and food items. I manage the scheme's expenses with a flush fund from brunch club.  

Social events are usually donation-based and they’re a great way to give back to the scheme. Residents can express what they think we require, and I can supply extra commodities through the trust fund. I pop aside 50p from coffee mornings for our Christmas party and at the end of the year, if there’s a float left, we can use it for an extra special activity. I love being able to supply our community with special touches to the service, such as flavoured sausages or fresh bread rolls – and I see myself as reflective of the company’s reputation.


I head to my office and check my emails. I’ll deal with contractors throughout the day and ensure they have access ahead of their visits which can often be outside of my office hours.


I visit residents who’ve made enquiries throughout the day and attend to their needs as and where I can. They’re a lovely bunch and they’ve joked that I’m the cement between Longhurst Group and Castle Court. I’ve also been called the jam and cream between two sponges!

It’s lovely to know that they understand my role – I know that it’s important for them to witness a proactive point of contact, as well as appreciating that I need to be in the office too. For me, I’ll always balance my schedule to meet putting their needs at the forefront of operations.


I log off and head home for the day. I’ve never had a desk job before and used to teach. Teaching gave me many transferable skills that I can apply to Castle Court, such as safeguarding experience, working with mixed need groups and effectively managing my own time.


Now I’m home, I head outdoors for some fresh air. Rain or shine, I’m usually breaking in a new pair of hiking boots!

After my long walk, I’ll return home to work on my kitchen renovation, before dinner and time to unwind ready for tomorrow.

Beverley has a friendly chat with a male resident
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