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Don't forget these seven Spring cleaning tips

Top tips

  • Write a list: It's easy to get lost in Spring cleaning as there are so many jobs to do. Write a list of the jobs that need doing in each room and then do it one job at a time. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Use natural cleaners: There are many natural cleaners that you can make at home, such as vinegar, baking powder, and lemon juice. These cleaners are just as effective as commercial cleaners, and they're better for the environment by wasting less plastic.
  • Clean from top to bottom: Put some music on and start at the top! This'll help to prevent dirt and dust from falling back down onto surfaces that you've already cleaned, all while having a fun time!
  • Open the windows: This'll help to ventilate the space and get rid of any bad smells as well as removing excess moisture which can contribute to damp and mould.
  • Take it easy: Spring cleaning can be tiring, so it's important to take breaks. Don’t do too much in one go - always do one task at a time so as to not get overwhelmed.
  • Don't forget the little things: Don't forget to clean the things that you might not think of, such as the light switches, door handles, and remote controls.
  • Reward yourself: When you're finished spring cleaning, reward yourself with something you enjoy. Every job complete is excellent work. Remind yourself that you've done something brilliant.
  • Enjoy your home.

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