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Lifts and lifting equipment

As your landlord, we’re responsible for making sure any lifts in your communal areas are safe for use. We do this by undertaking monthly examinations and inspections to ensure those lifts operate safely.

Lifts and lifting equipment

Communal lift safety and inspections 

As your landlord, we must make sure any lifts in your communal areas are safe to use. We do monthly checks and inspections to ensure they work safely.

One in 20 of our homes and more than one in five of our blocks have a lift. This includes bath hoists, ceiling track hoists, stairlifts, through floor lifts, enclosed platform lifts and passenger lifts. We’ve got a responsibility to maintain these lifts.

To help keep you and your visitors safe, the lifts are checked by an independent engineer twice a year. These thorough examinations are in addition to, and separate from, the maintenance, service, and repairs by our regular lift maintenance company Morris Vermaport.

The law states that all lifts, when in use, should be thoroughly examined:

  • After substantial and significant changes have been made
  • At least every 12 months, or every six months if the lift is used at any time to carry people, or in accordance with an examination scheme
  • Following "exceptional circumstances" such as damage to, or failure of the lift, long periods out of use, or a major change in operating conditions which is likely to affect the integrity of the equipment.

If you notice a fault with a lift in your communal area, please call us straight away on 0800 111 4013. 

Please don't use the lift in the event of a fire.

Lifts inside your home, including through floor lifts and passenger lifts 

The maintenance agreements for lifting equipment inside your property can vary. For instance, if you’ve got lifting equipment that’s less than a year old, it may still be under warranty and should be maintained by the manufacturer. Where we’re responsible for the maintenance, we’ll arrange for the equipment to be serviced by Morris Vermaport and a thorough examination by an independent engineer twice a year. The twice-yearly thorough examinations are additional to, and separate from, the maintenance, service, and repairs by our regular lift maintenance companies. You can report a fault with your lift in the same way that you’d report any repairs.

If you’re not sure who maintains a lift inside your home, please call us on 0800 111 4013. 

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