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Multi-Level Marketing Schemes

MLMs can be tempting to join because of their ‘get rich quick’ promises – but they can prey on people’s insecurity and lack of awareness, and people taking part can even lose money.

Multi-Level Marketing Schemes

People who’re involved in Multi-Level Marketing Schemes (MLMs) are individuals who’ve set up or joined a smaller business to sell the products of a larger organisation. The products are often related to beauty, homeware or fitness. 

An MLM could be tempting to join because of their get rich quick promises, and whilst it’s possible to make money through these schemes, it’s often done by recruiting a team below you. Youd earn commission from their sales, and your manager would earn commission from both your sales and your team’s sales.  

They follow a similar structure to illegal pyramid schemes, however theyre legal because they’re not solely focused on recruitment, and sales is a big part of the job.  

No such thing as easy money – is an MLM right for you?

Employment and Training Advisor, Rob Friday, recommends that if you’re planning on joining an MLM, you really consider whether it’s the right thing for you. He said: “There’s no such thing in life as easy money. 

“You only earn what you work for. Have you got the discipline, the confidence, the time, the common sense? There’s a lot of factors to think about. 

“You might be able to make a modest amount of money, but the idea that you can make stacks of money comes from recruitment. You could feel under pressure to recruit your friends and family.  

MLMs prey on people’s insecurity and lack of awareness. Instead, the Employment and Skills Team can explore job options with them and look at all the skills they’ve got. People don’t realise how talented they are!

Rob Friday, Employment and Training Advisor, Longhurst Group

Ask yourself, is this what I want? MLMs are known to put strain on relationships, and have actually seen many people lose out on money from having to purchase the products up-front and not being able to sell them. 

Rob added: MLMs prey on people’s insecurity and lack of awareness. Instead, the Employment and Skills Team can explore job options with them and look at all the skills they’ve got.  

“People don’t realise how talented they are.” 

Getting into work – free, specialist advice for Longhurst Group customers

If you’re wanting to enter the world of work, getting in contact with the Employment and Skills Team is a great place to start.  

To get in contact with Rob or another member of the team, call 0300 123 1745, or click here to fill out a self-referral form.  

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