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Longhurst Group secures mobile phone donation for customers in Cambridgeshire

A number of our customers have been gifted a smartphone as part of our continued partnership with a charity organisation.

We’ve got a link-up with The Good Things Foundation charity and recently our Community Investment Team was successful in securing a donation of 30 brand new Google Pixel 2 XL smartphones.

The phones came with 24GB of data and were to be distributed among our customers who met eligibility criteria, including being on a low income, being isolated or having health conditions.

They’ve now been allocated to customers among both Care and Support and General Needs.

Mairead Wright, Senior Skills and Development Tutor, was involved in allocating the phones to customers.

She said: “Despite the quick turnaround between receiving the phones and needing to allocate them, they were snapped up really quickly.

“Our partnership with The Good Things Foundation is very beneficial to our customers and helps us improve lives by being able to provide essential items such as these phones.


Customers are now able to access a huge range of useful online resources, which many of them wouldn’t have been able to before, so we’re very grateful for the continued support of The Good Things Foundation.

“The SIM that came with the phones was preloaded with 24GB of data and when it runs out, the customer can top it up if they want. 

“There’s no contract at all to be signed up to and the SIM is only data, so customers would use Whatsapp or Skype to make calls if they wanted to.

“I hope they prove to be of great use to those who received one."

One customer to receive one of the mobile phones was Gary Griffiths from Peterborough.

He said that he had an outdated mobile phone with an alternative provider and regularly found himself running out of data and incurring additional costs.

“I’m not brilliant with mobile phones but my Floating Support Worker has helped me and I’m going to get round to learning more about it,” he said.

It’s going to help me immensely. I always run out of data and up paying more per month and I don’t have the internet at my flat and I didn’t know how to get around that.

“I’m very grateful to Longhurst Group for receiving one of these phones. It was a lovely gesture and once I’m used to it, I will use it quite a lot.”

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