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Financial skills

Whether you need support with budgeting, finding out what you are entitled to or simply getting the best deal, we can help.

Financial skills

Whether you need support with budgeting, finding out what you're entitled to or simply getting the best deal, we can help.

Please click on the headings below for more information. 

If you need more information, please get in touch using our online form below.

My income or circumstances have changed

Coping with a change in your finances can be a stressful time, but there’s help available.

For personalised guidance on benefits and debt options from one of our Money Advisors, please visit our Money Advice page.

Here are some other tips that you might find useful:

Speak to someone

  • If you’re in a crisis, contact your local council who can help you find local support, such as a hardship grant or a Foodbank.
  • Let your landlord, creditors and bank know that you’re facing financial difficulty and if you may have trouble meeting payments on time.
  • Contact your water and energy suppliers, as they may be able to temporarily freeze your payments or offer you a better tariff.

Take back control

Budgeting top tips

Getting an accurate and realistic budget takes time – try these out:

  • Gather all the information you think will help – bank statements, bills, receipts and keep them all in one place such as a large folder or envelope.
  • Don’t forget about smaller items – these can quickly add up. A spending diary is a great way to check these.
  • Remember occasional costs, e.g. birthdays, repairs, new shoes – it’s these costs that tend to cause problems if you’ve not budgeted for them.
  • Do your budget with a friend or support worker– use someone else to help you think through everything and to give you encouragement.
  • Ask for help if you need it– there are lots of organisations who can offer free and independent advice to help you work out your budget.

Please visit the Making Money Count website for more information.  

The Making Money Count website also has free, impartial advice on becoming a savvy shopper, planning ahead, finding the best current or savings account and making your money go further.  

Get in touch

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