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Sarah found her home using Shared Ownership

Our Shared Ownership homes at Handley Chase have provided opportunities for many people to get onto the property ladder and make their dream of owning their own home a reality.

For Sarah Davidson*, who recently experienced a change in personal circumstances, these new homes and the Shared Ownership model signalled an end to her living in private rented accommodation and taking what seemed like an unachievable jump back into home ownership.

Here, she tells her story…

From the summer time to now, it’s gone from 0 to 100 in terms of not being on the property ladder to now owning my own home.”

Handley Chase showhomeSarah openly admits she thought she’d never get back onto the housing ladder. But it was a Facebook advert for Handley Chase that changed that for her.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to get back on the property ladder. I’ve been privately renting for five-and-a-half years and I was told that I’d never be able to get a mortgage on my own as a single person.

“I was okay with that, but I saw an advert on Facebook and it was advertising Handley Chase on a Shared Ownership basis and I thought I’d have a look into it because I didn’t really know much about it.

“I looked into it and there was an option to register my interest, so I decided to find out what it was all about.

“It just all took off from there and had I not seen that Facebook advert I would still be renting privately.

“From the summer time to now, it’s gone from 0 to 100 in terms of not being on the property ladder to now owning my own home. It’s been really good.”

What appealed to me was that I could own something again.”

Shared Ownership has helped Sarah and her two children find their own family home, and she’s delighted to have been able to become a homeowner again.

She added: “I knew I wouldn’t get a 90 or 100 percent mortgage. I work really hard and have a good job, but it doesn’t pay me as much as I’d like and I don’t have that double income either.

“It’s just myself, so really the Shared Ownership model did stand out for me as I was able to get a part mortgage.

“I really am now back on the ladder and this feels like it’s my own home. I still pay the affordable rent part as well, but collectively the mortgage and rent is a bit less than the private rent I was paying before, so I’m a bit better off as well which is brilliant.

“What appealed to me was that I could own a home again.”

If I did want to move on in the future, these properties are really appealing for other people.”

Sarah admits that she had some nerves before committing to Shared Ownership, especially after some people warned her that her home could be difficult to sell in the future.

However, after taking lots of advice from different people, she feels confident that she’s made the right decision.

“I was a bit apprehensive at first, wondering if it was safe and if I’d be stuck,” she said.

“Some people said not to do it as I’d never sell it if I wanted to move on, but actually that’s untrue.

“I’ve taken lots of advice and I think the opposite. If I did want to move on in the future, these properties are really appealing for other people and apparently they’re selling like hot cakes because of the affordability of them and the fact people only need a smaller mortgage.

“It’s more doable for people and I’d definitely recommend it.”

I’d definitely recommend Longhurst Group.”

bedroom at Handley Chase Sarah said she’d found the process of buying her Shared Ownership home a lot smoother than she feared and praised the Longhurst Group Sales Team for their help along the way.

She said: “The team helped me get this plot as well, which was really important to me. I thought you just got allocated a plot, but Michael listened to me and helped me get the one I wanted and the one that worked for us as a family.

“The process was really good, especially with regards to how Longhurst Group dealt with everything.

“It was really easy and quite straightforward and there wasn’t lots of lengthy form filling. It was quite simple.

“Everyone was really helpful and they were there to answer emails straight away.

“It’s been a good experience and I’d definitely recommend Longhurst Group to other people in my position in the future.”

And the house?

Well, Sarah loves it!

“I’m settling in really well,” she added.

“I love it and it feels like our own home already and we’ve only been in for just over two weeks.

“It’s got a lovely warm feel to it and it’s been finished to a really high standard. I’m so happy.”

*Not our customer’s real name

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