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Using the internet

Top tips when using the internet - the world's biggest library which is at your fingertips and can help you get closer to the job you want.

Top tips for using the internet

The internet is the world’s biggest library and is at your fingertips to help you get closer to the job you want.

Here are some of the ways you can you use it.

  1. Find better job sites
    Everyone has heard of Indeed, but did you know you can find job sites for specific sectors using
  2. Research individual companies
    At application and interview stages, use the company’s own website to find relevant information. Also look for other people’s opinions on Indeed Company Reviews and news stories in the press.

  3. Draw up lists of companies to approach directly
    Use general online directories like and to find local businesses that you can contact to ask if they have any vacancies. Try googling for business directories in your area or sector.

  4. Explore new careers
    If you’re looking for a different job but are new to the sector, have a look at the National Careers Service’s explore careers page to give you some ideas.

  5. Be careful what you post
    Think carefully about what and where you post information about yourself. Some employers check applicants’ social media profiles! Also, remove your postal address from your CV before uploading it - no one needs to know exactly where you live, except your next employer.

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