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Updating your CV

Top tips for when you're looking to refresh your CV.

Updating your CV

Many vacancies will attract multiple applicants, so making your CV stand out is an important part of applying for a job.

Here are some top tips on putting together the perfect CV, starting with 'TCP':

  1. T is for Target
    Always bear in mind what the job, the company and the reader needs from you – check the job advert and see if you can get hold of the job description and person specification.
  2. C is for Content
    Sticking to point one will keep your CV relevant. Write about what’s important to that job in that company. Be prepared to re-write your CV for every job you apply for.
  3. P is for Presentation
    Use clear headings, bullet points and plenty of space between sections to make it easy to read. It’s better to spread your CV over two pages than cram it into one.
  4. Summarise
    Put a bullet-point summary of your skills and experience at the top of your CV, under your contact details. The reader will see this first and want to read more.
  5. Leave it out
    You don’t need to include your age, date of birth, nationality etc. You don’t need to include any exam failures. Hobbies and interests can be left out, unless they’re relevant. Don't put your full postal address - no one needs to know exactly where you live, except your next employer.

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