What is our Policy?

At Longhurst Group we are committed to operating in an open and transparent manner and being accountable to our customers and stakeholders. We strive to report our spending and demonstrate that we deliver value for money.

The range of information we publish is influenced by our customers and stakeholders. We want them to have access to information about the services we provide and how effective we are in what we do. We will regularly review and update the information on this website.

We provide a range of opportunities for our customers to get involved with our work and we encourage them to scrutinise and challenge our performance. We have also developed a number of ways for customers and stakeholders to contact us: individual or group meetings, over the telephone, by letter or email, through social media channels or via our website.

We always welcome feedback which will help us improve further.

Take at look at our publications in our media library.


  • Annual report
  • Financial statement
  • Value for money self-assessment report

For futher details, please see the individual member company reports

Keeping our customers and stakeholders informed

  • Corporate brochure
  • Business plan
  • Intune
  • People strategy