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Modern Methods of Construction

These homes are built using a modern method of construction. Often, this involves different parts of the property being built off-site in a factory and then assembled on location. These types of homes are often referred to as modular homes. 

What does modern method of construction mean?

Modern methods of construction, or MMC, simply means a non-traditional way of building new homes. This usually involves creating the structure of the home off-site and then putting it together on-site.

This is done in factory conditions using the highest quality materials and technology.

What are the benefits of modern methods of construction?

Homes built using modern methods of construction are done so with computer aided precision. With them being built in a factory, they have a high-quality finish and are designed to the very highest engineering standards.

Modern methods of construction can be better for the environment, creating around 30 percent less pollution compared to on-site manufacturing.

This results in a more sustainable way of building new homes and they’ll be better sealed and therefore insulated.

Studies have shown homes built using modern methods of construction can be up to 25 percent more energy efficient than their traditionally built counterparts. This means you’ll need less energy to heat your home, saving money in the process.

Using the latest air and ground source heat pumps, electric cooking and integrated electric vehicle chargers can help you live free of fossil fuels.*

* Specification may very between house types. Please check with a member of the New Homes Team.

What does it mean for me if I live in a home built using modern methods of construction?

Contrary to popular belief, homes built using modern methods of construction shouldn’t cause you any problems when getting a mortgage, but we’d advise you to speak to your mortgage advisor before proceeding.

In fact, MMC is a key component of Homes England’s Affordable Homes Programme.

Homes also receive a BOPAS accreditation, which is an independent body that assesses and guarantees a minimum life expectancy. Most mortgage providers will look for this.

It’s also quicker to build more homes using this method, making the end result more affordable for you as a homeowner. It’s also less likely that MMC homes will be delayed due to skills shortages or bad weather and usually they lead to less defects and snagging.

Find the perfect home to suit you and your family's needs.

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