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Change of name

We know there are many reasons why someone may change their name or be known by a different name.

Change of name

Why might you want to change your name?

We know there are many reasons why someone may change their name or be known by a different name.

However, as a Tenancy Agreement is a legal document, we can only agree a name change request if you've changed your name by marriage, civil partnership, enrolled (registered and sealed) deed poll, or if you've divorced.

How do I request a name change?

To request a name change, please use the request form below or call us on 0800 111 4013.

You'll need to make sure you've completed the relevant legal process to change your name before you contact us. We're only able to change your name if you have the legal documentation to support this. Confirmation of acceptance by other agencies doesn't prove legal change.

It may be a marriage/civil partnership certificate or a certificate from enrolled (registered and sealed) deed poll. A divorce doesn't legally change your name, so we can only agree a change to your previous name if you have the Decree Absolute and marriage certificate.

What we'll do when you request a name change

We'll review your request once we receive it to make sure that we have all the relevant information and evidence we need to make a change to your name.

We'll make the changes needed on our systems and record the evidence that you've shared with us. If we have any questions, or need further information, we'll contact you about this. 

We'll write to you to confirm the outcome of your request, explaining our reasoning if we're unable to change your name.

A request to change your name doesn’t mean your tenancy agreement will be reissued, we will just update our systems with your new name.

Request a name change

Please enter your date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format (eg 2nd March 1973 as 02/03/1973).

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