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Tenant Satisfaction Measure (TSM) 2023/24: survey methodology

As you may know, we carry out surveys four times each year to get customer feedback on how we’re performing and identify where we need to improve. 

To help us meet the requirements of the Tenancy Satisfaction Measures (TSM), we work with independent market research specialists Prevision Research Ltd and ARP Research Ltd, to carry out these surveys on our behalf. 

As part of our commitment to transparency and openness, here’s a detailed explanation of the methodology used. 


Low-Cost Rental Accommodation (LCRA)

The survey for our LCRA customers was conducted by ARP Research between 12 April 2023 and 30 March 2024.

Low-Cost Home Ownership (LCHO)

The survey for our LCHO customers was conducted by ARP Research between 12 April 2023 and 27 March 2024


Low-Cost Rental Accommodation (LCRA)

In total, 1,128 LCRA customer households took part in the survey, which represented six percent of the population with an error margin of ±2.8%. This exceeded the stipulated TSM target error margin of ±3%.

There were 719 telephone interviews conducted (64%) and 403 online surveys were completed (36%).

Low-Cost Home Ownership (LCHO)

In total, 536 LCHO customer households took part in this survey, which represented 22 percent of the population. This provided an error margin ±3.7%, which exceeded the stipulated TSM target error margin of ±5%.

There were 347 telephone interviews conducted (65%) and 186 online surveys were completed (35%).


Each month, email invitations were sent to a computer-generated randomly selected sample of customers until approximately 12 LCHO and 26 LCRA responses were received.

This was followed by telephone interviews with 28 LCHO and 60 LCRA households according to a quota sample with randomised number selection.

No household was included in the sample more than once.

The quota categories were:

  • stock type
  • area
  • property size
  • length of tenancy
  • age group
  • ethnic background.


The sampling methodology was chosen to enable the survey to be conducted monthly, and was the same methodology used previously by Longhurst Group. This mixed-method telephone and online approach offered good value for money and helped to maximise returns from a wide range of customers, while also ensuring that the survey was as representative as possible before weighting.

The online component was also intended to engage younger respondents who might be less likely to answer a phone call.

There was no incentive offered.


The population for the survey was all Longhurst Group LCRA and LCHO customer households. The survey was completed monthly, but at the start of the surveying on 5 April 2023, this encompassed 18,879 occupied LCRA and 2,387 occupied LCHO properties.

A total of 82 customers living in registered care or supported living accommodation were removed from the sample group as they were assessed to have significant capacity issues that precluded a meaningful response, regardless of methodology.


The telephone interviews were completed to a quota sample, taking into account the online returns, to ensure that the final dataset was representative of the population as a whole. The quota categories were stock type, area, property size, length of tenancy, age group and ethnic background. No weighting was required. 



Property size

Tenure length


Ethnic background

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Updated: 12 July 2024

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