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Test - Permission to Alter Your Home

Please use these forms to inform us of any internal or external physical alterations you wish to make to your property, which may need our written permission.

In many cases, we will be able to grant permission in writing without asking you for more information, but in some instances we may need to visit your property to assess your proposals in more detail. 

Please note, you need to complete the correct form that is relevant to your request, whether this be internal or external alterations. Ensure that you have read the declaration below before submitting either of the forms.   

The Declaration

If permission is granted for your request you are agreeing to the following conditions (where applicable) 

  1.  All work must be completed by competent tradespeople and contractors. Contractors must work in accordance with the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations.
  2. Gas work must be completed by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer and a satisfactory safety certificate provided to Longhurst Group on completion of the work.
  3. All electrical work must be completed by a NICEIC, ELECSA, NAPIT certified contractor and Longhurst Group must be provided with a satisfactory completion certificate following the works.
  4. All plumbing works shall be carried out in accordance with the Water Supply Regulations 1999.
  5. Where Longhurst Group provide an asbestos survey you must ensure this is provided to the contractor completing the works. They must check that the survey is relevant and sufficient before works are started.
  6. All work on asbestos containing materials (notifiable and non-notifiable) must be completed by a contractor licenced by the Health and Safety Executive. Information such as waste consignment notes must be provided to Longhurst Group on completion of the works.
  7. If the proposed works are subject to Planning or Building Regulations Approval Notices under the Party Wall Act 1996 or any other statutory approvals these must be obtained and forwarded to Longhurst Group prior to starting the works.
  8. Neighbours must agree to any works that may affect them (e.g. fencing, fence painting, parking large vehicles on driveways). Longhurst Group may contact them for confirmation. Under no circumstances should your neighbours access or egress be affected.
  9. The entire cost of the works and associated costs are to be at no expense to Longhurst Group, including all future maintenance. If work is not completed to a satisfactory standard, Longhurst Group are empowered to complete works and charge the cost to you.
  10. Any damage caused to the property as a result of the works is to be made good to the satisfaction of Longhurst Group at your expense.
  11. Longhurst Group reserve the right to require you to remove the works and reinstate the property to its former state entirely at your expense should either party terminate your lease or tenancy.
  12. All waste materials must be completely removed from the dwelling and any communal areas. 
  13. You must inform us when the work is completed and provide any necessary certification.  
  14. The work may be inspected by our Property Services Team on completion and any defects must be rectified entirely at your own expense. 
  15. Any permission request is valid for 12 months from when the resident is notified in writing of the permission request being granted. If the work is not completed within this timeframe then the request must be re-submitted.
  16. By commencing work, you are agreeing to these conditions. 
What items are not permitted?

Longhurst Group do not grant permission for the following items: 

  • Ceiling fans to be installed in rooms which contain an open fire, gas fire, gas appliance or central heating boiler
  • Gas fires or solid fuel appliances (including log burners) where there is another source of heating in the property due to the risk of carbon monoxide release and the Government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions. This also includes removal of any existing appliances once they come to the end of their operational life
  • The construction of an extension (other than works authorised and overseen by any Local Authority Adaptations Agency)
  • The erection of a permanent base conservatories / garage structures 
  • Loft conversions / roof lights / dorma windows or the boarding out of roof space (other than works authorised and overseen by any Local Authority Adaptations Agency) 
  • Alterations to any structural elements of the building including the removal of, or alteration to load bearing walls, roof structures, staircases etc. (other than works authorised and overseen by any Local Authority Adaptations Agency) 
  • Change to the original building footprint / room plan layout (other than works authorised and overseen by any Local Authority Adaptations Agency) 
  • Change to the original use of a room to that of a different use for example, converting a bedroom into a bathroom, subdividing rooms etc. (other than works authorised and overseen by any Local Authority Adaptations Agency) 
  • The replacement of kitchens where the design incorporates integrated appliances for example. built in cookers, built in washing machines, dishwashers and fridge freezers
  • The replacement or alteration of fire doors and replacing them with standard doors that are not fireproof or in accordance with current fire regulations 
  • The erection of fencing in communal gardens or open plan areas where no fencing currently exists 
  • The installation of any radio mast or secondary satellite dishes or TV aerials 
  • The installation of polystyrene coving and/or ceiling tiles or timber wall / ceiling cladding. 
  • The installation of recessed ceiling lights /spotlights
  • The installation ceramic / porcelain floor tiles to any properties, or laminate floor / floor tiling or any other hard surface flooring to flats above ground floor
  • The installation of animal flaps, for example dog and cat flaps, into external doors as this affects the integrity of the door
  • The installation of permanent structure animal lodgings / ponds 
  • The installation of any Artificial Grass that is not fire retardant 
  • Any alteration that is deemed to have health & safety Implications 
  • The installation of any Solar voltaic panels or any “rent a roof” agreements 
  • Longhurst Group do not provide retrospective permission for alterations that have already been completed
  • Longhurst Group do not give permission for any alteration within the 12 months defect period of a new build property. Please resubmit your request once the 12 months has passed
  • Longhurst Group do not give permission for any alteration during the starter tenancy period. Please resubmit your request once this period of time has passed. 
What items do not require permission requests?

Longhurst Group do not require a permission request form to be completed for the following items: 

  • Internal decoration 
  • Installation of laminate flooring in a house
  • Installation of carpet / vinyl floor coverings
  • Fitting of a water meter by the local water authority
  • Change of gas / electric meter by your energy supplier. 

If you are unsure if permission is required then please contact us for more information. 

Please use the below form to apply for permission to alter external elements of your home: 

Your Details

External work to the property

Please use the below fields to give details of your request for external property alterations.

Please use the below form to apply for permission to alter internal elements of your home:

Your Details

Internal work to the property

Please use the below fields to give details of your request for internal property alterations.

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