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Clean and green inspectors

As Clean and Green Inspectors, you play an important role in monitoring the communal areas around your home and helping us ensure that we’re providing the best value for money through the service charge.

Clean and green inspectors

We are passionate about providing high quality services and real value for money. We provide a range of services for many of our customers, helping them to keep their shared gardens, open spaces, internal and external areas clean and tidy. 

As Clean and Green Inspectors, you play an important role in monitoring the communal areas around your home and helping us ensure that we’re providing the best value for money through the service charge.

Estate Standards Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help colleagues, customers and contractors assess the quality of environmental services by providing picture examples of what represents a gold, silver and bronze standard for the Neighbourhood Inspection Service Standard.

1.0 External

1.1 Grassed areas

 Grassed areas standards image guide

Gold Standard: Grass cutting (cut and collect). No sign of any clippings on the surface, grass evenly cut. Grass is cut below 30mm.

Silver Standard: Some light littering, small amounts of residue of clippings on turf.

Bronze Standard: Excessive clippings left after cut and collect. Grass is cut unevenly and possibly left for longer than 10 working days between cuts. Height of grass cut is higher than specified 30mm.

1.2 Paths and hardstanding areas

Hardstanding areas standards image guide

Gold Standard: Roadways, car parks and hardstanding are clear. No visible signs of litter or build-up of dirt in kerb edging.

Silver Standard: Small amounts of dirt and litter. No visible weeds. Some account should be taken if there is a bin collection on day of inspection.

Bronze Standard: Areas are covered with dirt and litter. It is clear that the area has not been swept for some time.

1.3 Borders

Borders standards image guide

Gold Standard: No visible signs of weeds, moss or litter. Shrubs are within the limits of the bed.

Silver Standard: Some evidence of moss and weeds. Soil not dug over. No evidence of litter.

Bronze Standard: Excessive weeds overgrowing on footpath.

1.4 Shrub and hedge maintenance

Shrubs standards image guide

Gold Standard: Hedge cut to uniform height and width. No clippings left on site.

Silver Standard: Sides cut neatly. Top has been cut beyond previous year's growth point. Some clippings remain on top. Bottom of hedge still has weeds in place.

Bronze Standard: Hedge cutting not completed. Growth overhanging on footpath presenting a health and safety issue.

1.5 Shrub pruning

Pruning standards image guide

Gold Standard: Shrubs pruned back from footpaths. Shrub bed weed free. All shrubs pruned to remove excessive growth.

Silver Standard: Side cut back from footpath, but the top of the shrub has not been pruned. Some evidence of prunings left on sides of shrub.

Bronze Standard: No pruning taken place to reduce height or width of shrub. Excessive weed growth in surrounding areas.

2.0 Shared internal communal areas

2.1 Flooring

Flooring standards image guide

Gold Standard

Hard floor: All areas of floor are clean. (In winter, floors may be swept only due to air temperature and floors not drying in cold weather)

Carpet: No visible dirt on carpet. Staining is visible but this is not part of the cleaning specification. 

Silver Standard

Hard floor: Small amounts of visible dirt on the floor.

Carpet: Small amounts of dirt on carpet.

Bronze Standard

Hard floor: High amounts of debris visible. Clearly floor has not been cleaned for some time.

Carpets: High amount of visible debris on floor. Area not vacuumed for some time. There is some evidence of ground-in dirt.

2.2 Internal ledges and sills

Window sills standards image guide

Gold Standard: No signs of dirt or cobwebs. Corners and windowsills have been wiped down.

Silver Standard: Evidence of some cleaning but specks of dust are visible. It will not take much effort for this to achieve a gold standard.

Bronze Standard: Large amount of visible dirt, dead insects and cobwebs. Evident that ledge has not been wiped down for some time.

2.3 Ceilings/lighting

Ceilings and lighting standards image guide

Gold Standard: No dirty marks or visible blackened cobwebs. Light fittings will be clean and no signs of dirt on them (disregard black tyre marks from bicycles)

Silver Standard: Cobwebs can be seen on light fitting which may have been accidentally missed. Otherwise the surrounding areas appear to have been cleaned.

Bronze Standard: Black cobwebs are visible. It is apparent that no cleaning has taken place for some time.

2.4 Window cleaning

Window cleaning standards image guide

Pass: Windows are clean and streak free. Sills also appear to have been cleaned with no marks.

Fail: Windows are dirty, and streaks are evident. Windowsills are also dirty and do not appear to have been cleaned for some time.

3.0 Other issues

3.1 Fly-tipping and neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood cleanliness standards image guide

Pass: No signs of household waste or white goods. Please disregard windblown litter and refer to hardstanding standards.

Fail: Generally dumped household rubbish. Definition of fly-tipping is “the deliberate dumping of rubbish in an unauthorised place.” This would include items outside of wheelie-bins in bin stores.

3.2 Other neighbourhood issues

Other neighbourhood issues standards image guide

Pass: No evidence of new graffiti, excessive dog fouling, abandoned vehicles, trip hazards or sharps. 

Fail: Evidence of new graffiti, a large amount of dog fouling in an area, and abandoned items such as vehicles or large furniture. 

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