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Despite the challenges facing the housing market and the wider economy, our business thrived, demonstrating a strong performance in both social housing lettings and shared ownership sales. Longhurst Group continues to experience healthy growth and the consolidated financial results for 2017/18 demonstrate:

  • £7.5 million increase in operating surplus
  • £17.0 million net surplus for the year
  • 36% Operating Margin.

Our 2017 Business Plan sets out plans for growth, excellence and responding to the challenges we face in the sector. Our strategy for excellence remains firm and our key targets and objectives include maximising return on existing services and exploring new income streams. 

Read the Longhurst Group audited financial statements for the year ending 31st March 2017.

Reports prior to 2016 -

If you would like to see financial statements from the last five years, we will be happy to make them available to you, where available. Please call: 0345 30 90 700.